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Dive soft coral encrusted boilers, kelp covered gullies on the East of Scotland. You might need to share with a few seals...


Explore the wrecks in the Sound of Mull, Summer Isles and Scapa Flow

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Learn to improve your diving skills  

Experience the world class diving Scotland has to offer


Q. I learned with PADI, can I dive with you?


A. Yes! You can use your PADI qualification to crossover to the BSAC equivalent.

Q. How cold does it get diving in the UK?


A. Temperatures range between around 5-16 degrees Celsius here in Fife. North it's a bit colder and south a bit warmer. Generally members of the club dive in dry suits all year round. If you have never used a dry suit we can offer training.

Q. How much does training cost?


A. Because we are a club and not a business our courses are not for profit. You must join the club and BSAC (£100 and £60). You  will also need to buy course materials from BSAC, from £50. If you are learning to dive for the first time (BSAC's Ocean Diver course) there is a flat rate of £300 which includes a year's membership, air,  equipment hire ( does not include Drysuit/Wesuit for open water sessions) and pool sessions , All our instructors are trained volunteers.






...our car to tow  Kraken

Cupar Sub Aqua Club is branch 1094 of the British Sub Aqua Club. We have been an active dive club since its formation in 1979. We dive mainly on the East coast of Scotland, in the Firth of Forth but have been known to frequent the West Coast of Scotland as well as the Red Sea, the Med and even further afield.


...our very own club boat, and...