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Of Ice and Men (Loch Tay - Jan 2015)

By cuparsubaqua, Feb 9 2015 05:52PM

The 25th January saw strong winds on the East Coast and heavy rain in the West – not the best weather for a dip in the briney at this time of year. But, undaunted, an intrepid band of four adventurers decided to head into the mountains instead, up to Loch Tay. Despite the snow on the hills, the weather there was altogether more pleasant than had been predicted for either coast and the journey quite picturesque.

We had permission from the Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology (STUA) to dive the remains of the Dalerb Victorian steamer maintenance slip. These are the same folk that run the Crannog Centre and have been involved with underwater excavations of Bronze age Crannogs. Having dived Loch Tay in January in the past, we were expecting icicles to be forming inside our masks. Last time the water was around 2C, but this time it was in fact a balmy (or is that barmy) 4C - actually not too cold for a couple of 30 minute plus dives and the visibility was pretty reasonable at around 4m.

The old steamer slip and pier goes down to about 8m. As you can see from the pictures, there is not a lot of it left above the water, but a fair amount of the structure remains below. For those interested, we are able to dive this site again in the future if we wish to (and not having to wash your kit down afterwards is definitely a bonus!) and in fact STUA are interested in the possibility of a mapping project at this site and are offering to possibly provide some free training in underwater surveying.

Words and pics by Wayne

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