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Scotland caters for all types of diver so whether you like scenic dives full of life, colour and photo opportunity, or you prefer the adventure of exploring ship wrecks in deep water, we have it all.


Scotland offers the wreck diver an incredible number of wreck sites of all shapes, sizes and type.  From local easy access sites such as Fifeness, where areas are strewn with wreckage, anchors and boilers, through to the Firth of Forth which hold submarines, aircraft carriers and aircraft.  Across on the west coast we have so many more wrecks including a WW2 minelayer ship and an upright trawler smothered in beautiful life which can be explored in the most breath-taking of scenery.  Or up to the north where we have the WW1 German fleet on the sea bed waiting to impress you with their sheer size.


Scottish waters hold so much for the naturalist too; you would have to dive every day to witness just a fraction of what these waters have to offer.  This incredible diversity of sea life changes completely throughout the changing seasons and with salt water, fresh water and mixed water sites, the variety changes further.  Added to this, these amazing dive sites offer some of the most impressive scenery above the water and dramatic geology below the water with walls covered in both flora and fauna.

We have the guarantee of a dive throughout the year, as when diving on the east coast is not possible, we can head to the west coast where a sheltered dive site can always be found.


Diving in Scottish waters is considered by many to be an extreme sport, due to the level of competence needed by the diver.  Unlike some sites around the world including some in the south of the UK, diving here can be more challenging (and technical) due to the need (by many of us) to use dry suits, carry alternative air sources on the deeper dives and the need to deal with the increased possibility of separation from your buddy in occasional reduced visibility.


If you have not dived in Scotland before, then I suggest you are missing out on an experience not to be missed.


Ray Trueland

Cupar Sub Aqua Club Diving Officer

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inside thess hispania

Diving in Scotland

Inside the wreck of the SS Thesis

The bow of the Hispania

A butterfish in kelp


Photos by Tom Ashton