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Learn to Dive

We take one intake of trainee divers each year, usually in January. Our trainee divers work towards an Ocean Diver qualification which consists of seven theory lessons and an exam and also 5 successfully completed pool sessions before progressing into the sea where a further 5 sessions have to be completed successfully. On completion of all these tests the Ocean Diver qualification is awarded which allows you to dive to 20 metres as part of a buddy pair with a more experienced diver on Branch outings. The cost of this first year training is £244 plus drysuit hire and costs getting to and from dive sites.


Moving on from Ocean Diver other qualifications may be earned, Sport Diver, Dive Leader, Advanced Diver and the much coveted First Class Diver. Other skills can be picked up along the way, Boat handling, Instructing, Navigation and Oxygen Administration to name a few.


We also welcome PADI trained divers into BSAC, the training packages are similar so it is quite straightforward to crossover from one diving organisation to the other.


If you would like further information you can contact us via e-mail or general information can be found on the tha main BSAC website.

When you learn to dive with us, you learn how to tackle some of the toughest diving conditions on the planet...

...and when you can do that, you can dive anywhere.